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Best ipad 2 apps list for business, learning and fun!

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Jul 8, 2011 2:39:00 PM


I've spoken with a couple people around the Hubspot office who have just bought ipads about cool apps and games.  I've decided to list the few I downloaded that I think are quite good.  Be warned, once you spend 1 penny on your first app, a mental dam will be broken, the buying binge will begin and $75 later you'll be sitting there crying over your device wondering what happened.  Not saying that happened to me, just warming you... ;)

In order to avoid too much downloader's remorse and the post-app chugging hang over, here are a few apps I know that you'll be happy with and find useful and fun:


ipad Business Apps:

Manage ($2) (to-do lists app.  After my built-in calendar, this is my second most-used app.  A HUGE value and the best tool for GSD on the ipad that I've found)

Google Apps Browser ($2) (one stop interface for google apps.  Very good job on development here.  excellent value.  If you're a power gmail/google apps user, You'll love it.)

DropBox (free)

Evernote (free)  (store notes from meetings by categories along with images and audio files.  consider it a dumping ground for your notes, thoughts, and things you see in passing that you want to capture with your camera and catalog for later.

Quick Office ($15)  (complete MS-style office suite, integrates with drop box & google docs.  very good value for the money if you're going ot be doing word processing, presenting on your ipad and don't want to be locked in format wise with Pages and Keynote)

Confluence (free)  Get the Hubspot Wiki on your ipad!

IM+ (manage all your messaging apps in one app!)

GoToMeeting (never used it, but definitely wanting to try this puppy!)


General Utility ipad Apps:

Weather+ (free) (very good quick visual weather forecast app)

iLlumination (free) (make your ipad into a flashlight)

CatchTheBus ($1) (find out hold long until the next bus arrives at any MBTA station)


Ipad Apps for learning:

the TED app and TED + subtitles app (free)  (amazing HD videos from the world's thought-leaders with subtitles so you don't need to have headphones or use your speaker to learn from the presentations)

MITSMR (get Sloan's management publications on your ipad)


Fun Apps

iMovie ($5)  really easy way to edit together all the photos and movies you shoot with your ipad.

GarageBand ($5)  This app is basically required.  It's too incredible and fun and easy not to instantly buy.

Kindle App (you can log in under other people's kindle user account too!)

Pandora (duh)

Lego Instructions (free)  A bunch of old lego instructions!  Awesome!

Angry Birds (there's a few versions on there, all good)

Lavalanche (free)  Simple, fun, unique, addictive game for people who are fans of the tetris genre style games.

World In War (free) Great WWII based strategy game.  Like the board games Risk or Axis & Allies?  This is for you.

Netflix app

Crackle (free)  Video player of a small selection of TV shows and movies for free

Do you have any other recommendations to add to this list?  Please share your favorites and why you love them!