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A highly polished Host, with an infectious Emceeing spark, and uncanny ability to effortlessly engage, inspire & connect–all within a single breath.

Emcee + Host Live Events

Emceeing highlight reel from Drift's Flash Miami 300 person March 2022 event in  Miami, Florida. Includes leading expert panel discussions, introducing Grammy Award winning artist John Secada and unveiling the biggest product launch in company history.

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 2.30.31 PM

Emcee + Host Virtual Panels

Known as highly polished while still being able to bring humor and spark when addressing the audience, Nick has a unique talent for connecting with, engaging, and inspiring a crowd. 

Emcee Virtual Presentations

A great clip of Nick's engaging, on-point, opening  dialogue and CEO introduction for Drift's  full scale Drift virtual event presentation.

Nick on Bananna phone, 1 minute, better lighting_TRB0045-191018-1

Revenue Growth Host

Since his days serving on the HubSpot Academy Team and the Drift Content & Community Team, Nick has been obsessed with helping companies produce events that delight attendees and motivate them to make impactful changes in their businesses and lives through his highly engaging hosting expertise.


Toastmasters Certified Competent Communicator, who has excelled as a public speaker, host and emcee for over 15 years.


The Complete Product Marketing Package

A generalist’s vision, a specialist’s knowledge

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