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A marketing leader serving at the intersection of events, community and partnerships.

Nick's story

The technology and terminology may be recent, but modern product marketing is really just the latest iteration of the age-old storytelling tradition. People want to see themselves in your brand messaging, and they want to see your brand as a helpful guide pointing the way to their success.

I’m a natural-born storyteller. 

I’m proud to have received StoryBrand Certification in 2020 as a member of one of the few StoryBrand Certified Agencies. Over my career, I have nurtured countless content pieces (many of which I wrote myself) from conception to the top of search engine result pages. I’ve crafted and delivered presentations to overflowing audiences at the world’s biggest inbound marketing conference.

And I’ve harnessed the power of the spoken and written word innumerable times in conversations, webinars, and emails to bring customers, partners, and prospects into closer relationships with my companies and clients.

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Nick's vision

I’m not just motivated; I’m a motivator. Anyone who has spoken to me, watched one of my Inbound talks, attended one of my HubSpot training sessions, or participated in one of my webinars has experienced my boundless enthusiasm.

I try to bring a positive attitude with me wherever I go and encourage those around me. I know growing businesses, raising awareness for products, and helping customers can be hard work. But in the challenge lies the fun.

Nick's process

When everyone within a company is focused on their particular business area, it can lead to a fractured brand experience. Marketing’s message gets lost on the way to sales. Product development doesn’t benefit from the real-world insights sales reps provide. And the c-suite has a whole other perspective — and no one else knows what it is.

If you haven’t realized it by now, I am passionate about bringing people and ideas together, and that includes working for cross-functional alignment.

I know how to speak marketing-ese because I’ve worked in marketing departments. I’ve been in sales, so I know how salespeople think. And I’ve worked closely with developers, creative staff, and financial executives to launch products and build initiatives from the ground up. I know how to bring a sense of shared purpose and a unified vision to the most siloed organizations.

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Nick's expertise

I spent 20 years mastering the art and science of marketing and sales automation at HubSpot, the company that built the most innovative and powerful automated growth platform available today. (In fact, I was a vital member of the team who trained people how to use HubSpot software.)

Since then, I’ve served as a leader at three of the top HubSpot partner agencies in the world, maintaining my power user status throughout every step of the HubSpot evolution.

I know what everything in HubSpot does, from the CMS to the CRM and everything in between. But more importantly, I know how to use HubSpot (and tools like it) to construct, monitor, analyze, and improve a sales and marketing funnel designed to derive value from each and every one of the contacts in your database.

A brand’s ability to tell compelling stories and create eye-catching websites and graphics is only as good as the creative professionals you work with. Unfortunately, all too often, companies have to endure an endless string of hacks and poor fits before they find creative talent that just gets it.

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