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Profile of a Hubspot VAR Agency All Star: Solimar International

by Nick Salvatoriello on

Profile of this week's top Hubspot VAR Agency All Star:

Solimar International Hubspot Agency All Star Logo PicSolimar International is a sustainable tourism consulting and marketing firm with the mission of helping businesses, travelers, and destinations develop and connect to sustainable tourism experiences that support environmental conservation, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance the lives of local residents.

Chris Seek and his team at Solimar "hit the ground running" when it came to their on-boarding with Hubspot.  They embraced the resources found in the Training Center + to self-educate on key set up and implementation strategies in between calls with Nick Sal, their Inbound Marketing Consultant.

How they got to the top of the Hubspot VAR All-Star Board:

1.)  They got set up with content and lead generation fast using Hubspot's flexible blog and landing page tools:  Solimar's client for this account, the Namibian Tourism board, has a beautiful website, and we made sure they had a template on the Hubspot CMS to match the look and feel.  With their template ready, they quickly set up their blog on Hubspot and have 12 posts up so far.

Solimar International VAR Agency All Star Blog Picture

Several landing pages were also created within their first few weeks.  Chris forged ahead with creating CTA buttons and inserting them on the sidebar of the blog to drive traffic to their landing pages.  Those landing pages have had 52 form submissions across 3 separate offer landing pages to date!  People want what they have to offer!

2.)  They integrated their Hubspot contacts database with several 3rd party tools:  Solimar had a very active Facebook presence with several 3rd party applications designed to connect prospective tourists to tour providers in Namibia.  They worked quickly to integrate the those with Hubspot's API along with their CRM so all those leads were being tracked as they flowed to the sales team.

3.)  They harnessed the power of keywords within their Optimize tools:  The Namibian tourism board has a well optimized site as a result of a quality investment in SEO.  By plugging those keywords they targeting into Hubspot's Keyword's tool, they tracked a mind-blowing 655 keywords producing traffic to the site in the last month!  Talk about proving ROI?!

4.)  They Leveraged the power of teamwork:  Solimar had no less than 10 separate users logging into Hubspot since they started, they are truly a collaborative team that dove in head first into their inbound marketing.

Congratulations to Solimar International and their client, the Namibian Tourism board for their speed and momentum they demonstrated around set up, integration, utilization and results from their first 30 days on Hubspot!  You are truly inbound marketing all stars!

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