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New Consulting & Ongoing Planning Tool, try w/your Hubspot Customers

by Nick Salvatoriello on

As some of you know, we on the Hubspot inbound marketing consulting team have been working to figure out a way to manage new customer accounts in their fragile post-onboarding state for a little while and it's finally starting to come together enough for us to start testing.

Since customers we directly consult to are not the only Hubspotters who need hand-holding, I wanted to share this spreadsheet with you to try out with the Hubspot on-boarding projects that you are currently working on yourselves.  

New Hubspot Consulting and Ongoing Planning Tool

It was created by Stephanie Lussier, a member of our IMC team who consults to our small business accounts.  

In a recent email to our consulting team, Stephanie helped described some of the features & benefits of this new consulting & goal setting tool, along with a few reasons for this choice in design/layout.

Factors Considered in the Spreadsheet Layout & Design:

  1. Help customers truly visualize what they will need to do to meet their goals and make use of their consulting time and HubSpot subscription.

  2. Give the customer something to take away from each call and the end of consulting

  3. Give the customer a place to house their master list of resources, especially as they tie into each step of their inbound marketing campaign (some feedback I've gotten).

  4. Have a common, hopefully simplified, document between customer and IMC to share through consulting so everyone is on the same page with where we are going.

  5. Have a document that the AM can reference when engaging with the customer (attached to the Customer Sub) - hold them to their goals and know what they are working on

  6. Keep the "Why?"/Goals top of mind

    Hubspot Onboarding Goals Setting and Planning worksheet   Getting Started resized 600

Recommended Use:
  • The first tab can be used to map out the calls in relation to their goals and give the customer the expected deliverables in advance; help them see how to get ahead or what will be added to their plate if they don't budget their time. Send to customer to give them a sense of ownership over their progress and pull up each call to track progress. 

  • The second tab can be used to help them reset goals and game plan after consulting is complete. Walk through together on final call.

  • The third tab is optional but, can be a good way to visualize what is coming up, e.g. create 1 new offer per month > identify at least the first few together.

  • The fourth tab is also optional but could be a good place for customers to aggregate the resources that you look at together.


Wanna Try it?  Get the Goal Setting Worksheet Now:
Click here to download and try out this new on-boarding goal setting + consulting call organization worksheet:
Your feedback is welcome and encouraged in the comments section below:

I welcome any and all feedback to this as we are still figuring out what will work without adding too much time onto the onboarding and account management process. Stephanie told our team she envisions ultimately having templates based on the standard goal patterns to be able to just adjust the goals and small details but have all links to training classes and tried-and-true articles already baked in!  Please feel free to contact Stephanie Lussier on the Inbound Marketing Consulting team with any questions :)

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