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5 examples of how to delight customers into promoters: My all-inclusive resort honeymoon experience

by Nick Salvatoriello on

I just returned from my honeymoon with my wife which we chose to spend at the all-inclusive Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  As someone who spends his days trying to serve and delight customers, I was impressed with the examples of customer delight we experiences here and thought they would be a good set of lessons to share with any business that wants to delight more of their customers into becoming promoters of their products, services, or brands. 

[Video] The 5 things this resort did to delight be into a promoter during my honeymoon


Please view my video where I walk through my curstomer experience and the 5 examples in detail

Summary of key ideas:

Delight = "Welcome Home"

Delight = Engage all the senses

Delight = personalized. 

-Options, Choices, flexibility. 

-Free.   Powerful.   

The Entertainment department:  The business of having fun  

Delight = A team effort


Nick is beling delighted into a promoter at this all-inclusive resort hotel.  The lessons he learned in customer delight can apply to any business who wishes to have more customer promoters.

In conclusion:  How I became a promoter and wrote my review:
Emersion. >> Engagement. >> Fun. >> Respect. >> Trust. >> Escape. >> Freedom. >> Gratitude.

Click here to view Nick's promotional review of his customer experience


Your turn to share:

What did you think of these examples of customer delight?  Do you think that these examples can apply to other businesses?  Your business?  Please share with me and your fellow readers.  

Thanks for reading and contributing!

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