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HubSpot's Lead Nurturing emails: Examples, best practices, resources

by Nick Salvatoriello on

Defining Lead Nurturing as an Email Marketing Best Practice:

Lead Nurturing is a specific, targeted type of email campaign to "nurture" those leads that converted on content offers from landing pages that are early in the sales cycle.  The goal of these auto-triggered email campaigns is to move those leads that are early in the sales cycle  along to landing pages and content offers that are late in the sales cycle. This will make it more likely that your leads turn into customers because you're utilizing an email marketing method that presents the right content to your propects at the right time. 

Lead Nurturing Hubspot Buying Cycle Pic

An example from Hubspot's 'Inbound Marketing 101' of moving leads along with different content offers for each stage in that person/organization's the buying cycle.

Lead Nurturing is the "holy grail" of inbound marketing and one of pillars of the Hubspot software suite.  Every inbound marketer should have a lead nurturing campaign in place (because every new lead's time and attention is precious and they shoud be directed to the most relevant content on your site once you determine their specific interests).  To learn more, visit our Methodology Page, Inbound Marketing 101 - Lesson 6: How to Turn Leads into Customers as well as the Lead Nurturing FAQ page I have linked to later in the article below.

Some Important Stats about Lead Nurturing:

  • Nurtured leads have 23% shorter deal time compared to non-nurtured leads (Source: Market2Lead cited here )
  • Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should go to sales, and 50% are qualified but not ready to buy. (Source: Gleanster research cited here)
  • Companies that do lead nurturing have 300% higher close rates than competitors who do not stay in touch with qualified/qualifiable leads. (Source: Forrester Research)
  • Only 23% of your visitors will buy within 6 months of inquiring about your product/service. 67% still intend to buy but are not ready yet. (Source: sales lead expert Mac Macintosh)

Step-By-Step Tutorials for Setting Up Lead Nurturing in Hubspot:

  1. Getting Started with Lead Nurturing -
  2. Lead Nurturing Set up Tips -
  3. How to Develop Multiple Lead Nurturing Campaigns in HubSpot [Day Camp Homework] 
  4. Lead Nurturing FAQ -

Tips, Tactices, Best Practices - My favorites from Hubspot and around the web

Examples:  Links to Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

Resources:  Downloadable Worksheets to assist with your Lead Nurturing Campaign Strategy in Hubspot



Your Turn to share on the topic of Lead Nurturing:  What has been your experience with Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns in Hubspot or any other software programs?  What examples can you share from your own experience?  Any lessons learned?  Do you have any questions about lead nurturing that I or our community can answer?  Please post a comment below and we'll follow up with you!  :)

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