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My notes from brainstorming lead-gen offer ideas for a new HubSpotter

by Nick Salvatoriello on

Hello Hubspotters,
I wanted to share some notes & ideas from a lead generation brainstorm session I had with a recent Hubspot customer who is having trouble thinking of lead generation offers for their elegant but disposable dish ware business targeted towards high end caterers and food vendors.

I sent him some ideas to get them thinking the way we think about offers here at Hubspot.  Hopefully you can read my notes below and benefit from some of these questions + ideas I posed to them as well and put some of these in place in the future:


  • So, your target audience is caterers, food venues, especially stadiums, so understanding who the decision makers (your "target persona") is a critical starting point.  Who is the person who buys your products?  What are their big concerns with running their particular business?  Are they worried about controlling costs?  Quality?  Efficiency?  Do they lose a lot of their glass/china inventory to breakage/theft?  What keeps them up at night? 
  • In order to gain your visitor's trust, you should be offering them free content to download that shows you not only understand their problems & goals very intimately, but you can also offer them something to download that can help them in their day.  If you can offer them something that helps them manage their current business/dishware needs better, they will trust you and explore your products afterwards.
  • Ideas I'm thinking on this front:  A dish ware inventory management spreadsheet, a short PDF featuring 3-4 catering/concessions managers and their success secrets to running a profitable business, a guide on how to better manage the costs, staff and inventory of your catering/food business ect. 
  • How do your product work?  How is it better?  Does it save money?  Does it help the environment?  Does it delight guests?  What can you offer that shows off the benefits of doing it YOUR way versus the alternatives?  Maybe having a down-loadable comparison graph between the costs of your dish ware bundles versus some of the leading alternatives?  Crunch the numbers a bit and put them in a nice comparative matrix that people can register to download!
  • Ultimately, you have to DO RESEARCH and CREATE HELPFUL RESOURCES/TOOLS that your target audience/persona is either too lazy or busy to create themselves.  That's all that HubSpot has done - understood the problems and goals of the people we want to sell to, and then offer them free tools/guides to do their job better WITHOUT USING OUR PRODUCT, so that the target customer understands we know our business, we know what the alternatives to our product is out there, and we're willing to help people do better in their job as marketers (which is why we made an easier way to do what our target audience does, just like you guys did with dishware).  But we don't bring that up first, that's something we want our audience to conclude for themselves, like - "Wow, if the stuff they give away for free is this good and helpful, I wonder how good the stuff they charge for is!"
  • If none of this resonates with you, just grab a couple people who are your best customers/best prospects and ask them, "If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for in terms of tools/information/resources to help run your business better?  What would be good enough for you to fill out a form and download from the web?"  Then listen, and try your best to create what they ask for, before your competition does.


Hope this helps a bit, guys.  You've got great resources on and I'd be happy to add more ideas once you get a few going first! 

Happy HubSpotting,

Nick Salvatoriello
Inbound Marketing Consultant

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