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Hubspot Email Link Opt-In Functionality & Why It’s Kick Ass For MoFu

by Nick Salvatoriello on

A couple months ago, we were introduced to a new concept: the ability to “convert” a lead without the hassle of forms. Do I have your attention?

In the spirit of everything MoFu, we’re encouraging our customers to import leads into HubSpot. I don’t know about you, but one of the major obstacles to getting this done was the fact that this lead newly imported was not “trackable” in HS until they converted on a form. No more!

Now all newly imported leads need to do to have a cookie place on them is click a link (any link) in any Email or Lead Nurturing campaign created in HS.  

Why this is MoFu Magic: This new functionality makes it easy for our customers to re-engage old leads and/or start tracking current ones in HubSpot.  Now there is NO EXCUSE not to import leads, engage them through an opt-in email and starting tracking them then and there.

Some VERY important things to consider when sending your email:

  • This functionality is embedded in any link included in a HS email. So if your customer is sending emails to a batch of newly-imported leads, they want to make sure the language of the email discourages forwarding. Why, you ask? Well, forwarded emails that result in link clickage could mean that a cookie is place on the wrong person.
  • Uh oh, will this potentially affect emails sent to current HS leads with cookies already placed? Absolutely not. This functionality will not CHANGE the cookie from one person to another. It will only work on those who are cookieless and not being tracked in HubSpot.

Some ways to discourage forwarding your email:

There are several ways to discourage forwarding, depending on how your customer wants to position the function of the email.

  1.  Opt-in email - Being straightforward about the functionality of the email is a good way to discourage forwarding. What I mean by this is positioning the email as an opt-in to customized communications and offers, etc. I’d always include a secondary and potential tertiary link/CTA as well (cast a wide net).  
  2. Incentive email – This can be a little more dangerous. Whenever you add an incentive to an email, you risk forwarding. However, you can add language like: “only valid for you” or ensure the incentive specific enough to that sub-set of email recipients that it is unlikely to be forwarded.

Example from a Hubspot customer for a good opt-in/incentive email - Zen Marketing Inc:

Zen Marketing Lead Engagement Example   2012 03 13

Example of a non-Hubspot customer's opt-in email -

AboutUs.Org using email marketing to get opt-ins for!

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