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HubSpot VARs & Marketing Rock Stars: Top Memories from #Inbound2012

by Nick Salvatoriello on

Wow.  What a week.  Many of you reading this are just getting back from flights home, or possibly on your way to catch a flight out of Boston as you wrap up a long week visiting here.  Wherever you are, if you were at #Inbound2012 the past few days, I know that you're EXCITED!!

Inbound 2012 Hubspot Conference Recap Photo

Nick's stories, pictures and customers from HubSpot's Inbound 2012:

Nick Sal Media Junction Inbound 2012 08 28 resized 600











Kevin Jorgensen of, Josh Dolin of and Trish & Kim of hanging out at the "Prodigy Bar" at Inbound 2012

Here's me showing the love to all the people I met at the conference.  Listen for your personal, Nick Sal shout out!

Part 1 of 2 of my epic, RAW, semi-hung over post-conference rant where I share some key stats, my top memories, and favorite customers that I met from Inbound!

Nick's "Honor Roll" of those Hubspot VAR Agencies and Customers I consulted to whom I met as attendees at Inbound 2012:

  1. Who of my past customers did I meet/see there at the conference?
  • Charles Martin from Luminex Corp - truly students of the inbound marketing system.  Charles, thanks for continuing to come back to the east coast to really "get" how we do and build inbound marketing success.  You are part of a new wave of enterprise-level businesses adopting inbound marketing.  We are rooting for your whole team!  :)
  • Nicholas and Mathieu, Co-Founders of PYCTY marketing agency in Belgium.  You guys came a long way and I hope you felt it was worth it!  Looking forward to helping you build a plan to apply what you learned from the conference on our next consulting session!
  • Kevin, Beth, Joe, Max @ IMR Corp (2nd year attending the conference!), some of my longest standing consulting customers.  And that either makes them very proud or sad, depending on how you look at it ;) Always great to hang out with you guys, thanks for all the mentorship you offered this week to the newer VARs who came.
  • Trish, Kim & Krista from Media Junction, Hubspot CMS experts out of Minnesota
  • John Murphy, Founder of the Murphy Agency, Ohio
  • Rob Seaver from Gannet Local.  Part of 100+ year old media conglomorate, preparing for the next 100.  Thanks for helping keep HubSpot and Inbound a priority at your firm as they continue to evolve.
  • Mark from RSW Agency Search (thanks for presenting!)
  • Natalie Ripoli & Kelly Z. from Get Talked About in CHI.  Marty, you missed out in a great party, man!  ;)
  • Alonso & Eric from Confluence Digital.  Alonso, thank you for joining me during a couple of the sessions and for your passion to improve the way we teach and present our content to the world.
  • James, Rebecca from  Great to see you guys!  I hear you've been killing it since you finished on-boarding with me.  Don't forget to share your sales/on-boarding process are part of your MoFu content for your website.  I promise your audience will love it!
  • Rick Roberge of, thanks for helping coach our VARs to build a sales process for the first time!
  • Jerry Powers from Sir Speedy St. Petes, FLA.  Now, Sir Speedy national wants HIM to tell THEM how to market like he does on his website!
  • Jennel McDonald from KMD Architects (thanks for blazing the trail for inbound marketing at your firm!  We believe in you!)
  • Shareef from Zizinya in Houston. (2nd year in a row coming to the conference!)  Looking forward to seeing those accounts coming on in the next few months, Shareef.  You're ready.  They're ready. ;)
  • Cindy from  Cindy, keep rockin.  Thanks for the T-Shirt.  Send me the flashmob video, girl!  
  • Johnathan from Aquion Energy Group.  Keep up the momentum.  You've got a ton of opportunity.
  • Khalid from Pixledreams, Canada - get ready to rock!!!
  • Stafford from Jarrang, UK.  Great having you visit the HubSpot offices after the conference so you could meet with our email product & user experience team :)
  • Chris Seek from Solimar International.  Thanks for transforming your agency and thanks for agreeing to share your experience/how you did it on our Partner Success Workshop webinar series (see more below in the resources links section)

Cindy Kelly MediaFusion, FLA - Chris Seek, Solimar International D.C. - Shareef, Zinzinya, TX Inbound 2012
Hanging out with Shareef of Zinzinya, TX + Cindy Kelly of MediaFusion, FLA + Chris Seek of Solimar International D.C.  

Part 2 of my epic, RAW post-conference rant where I share my top memories, key take-aways and next steps that VARs should take after coming home from Inbound!

Some past customers I consulted with, but I DIDN'T get to see. Want to catch up with you ASAP:

Hubspot Inbound 2012 Slogan   Create Marketing People Love resized 600
Brian & Darmesh reveal our new mission statement for inbound marketers everywhere:  "Create Marketing People Love"


If you worked with me in the past and I missed you at the conference this week, first of all, I'm sorry.  Things were crazy, you know this.  But second of all, post a comment in the thread below so I can follow up and show you some love!  :)

I'm soo excited for the new HubSpot Partner Success Workshop Webinar Series Launching on September 6th, I even made my own trailer video on my ipad!  Evil Marketing has met it's match!!  >:)

Key Resources to Follow Up with After the Conference:

 Hubspot Inbound Inbound 2012 Thank You for Coming!


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