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VIDEO: How to Succeed with Salesforce CRM

by Nick Salvatoriello on

This was a really great video from's customer resources learning center.  It's a 3-minute overview that explains how having these three elements in place position your business for success with their software:

1.)  A business champion for the software to communicate needs and wins internally

2.)  1 clear goal to go after at a time.  Think, "With Salesforce I want to...."  The video explains how white-boarding out a simple process map to achieve this goal is one of the best ways to get started.
3.)  Good daily user habits to keep the data consistent and up to date.  The video explains how Salesforce Chatter and their mobile apps can assist with this.

Ultimately, I find this video is a great way to introduce success strategies to new customers and would recommend that those of us who's businesses hinge on the successful adoption of new software tools (eh hem - HUBSPOT!) should take note.

Check out the video:


Your Turn:

What did you think of this video?  Was this video-based overview something that you find helpful in understanding & learning about how to drive adoption for Salesforce and if not, what is better?  

Do you have examples or your favorite video overviews you'd like to share with us as well?

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