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HubSpot's Contacts & Lists tools - 5 Questions to answer as you get started

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Jan 20, 2014 1:31:00 PM

As an Inbound Professor who is part of HubSpot's Customer Training Team @ HubSpot Academy, I get a lot of questions from customers who attend our product training classes each week.  Occationally, I get really really GOOD questions from customers that really make me think and write a long answer.  I expect that other HubSpot users are asking themselves the same thing, so I thought it might be helpful if I shared excertps of the questions asked, and the answers I gave.  

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Importance of HubSpot Lead Scoring in SalesForce

Posted by James Love

May 7, 2013 11:28:00 AM

If your organization is blessed enough to have both SalesForce AND HubSpot, then congratulations, you're in an elite group of marketers with access to two of the most powerful software platforms in existence. Fortunately their robust product features are not solely contained within each platform thanks to HubSpot's native Salesforce Integration.

HubSpot SalesForce resized 600
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Content Strategy Implementation – A Look Under the Hood

Posted by Max Traylor

Apr 3, 2013 11:00:00 AM

blueprint for inbound marketingInbound marketing is an exploding practice. Hundreds of HubSpot vars are popping up all over the world, which causes prospects to be a bit overwhelmed when it comes time to pick an agency to work with. One competitive advantage that no one will stop you from pursuing is transparency. By showing your clients what lies behind the scenes of an inbound marketing strategy you will surely stand out from the "smoke and mirrors" out there. You will also be shocked at how smoothly things run (financially and logistically) if everything is laid out in stone up front. No secrets people... let it all hang out. Below is one strategy, complete with all the educational resources required, to attract new opportunities and nurture them to a point of sale using content and HubSpot's automated marketing software.

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Lead Follow Up For Busy Marketers

Posted by Rick Whittington

Mar 18, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Rick Whittington is Principal at Rick Whittington Consulting, an inbound marketing consulting firm in Richmond, Virginia.  Nick Sal often refers to Rick as an "inbound ninja" and asks him to speak frequently on his webinar panels for coaching HubSpot users on inbound lead generation and lead follow up strategy.

RWC Follow-up Email Notification
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What is Advanced Lead Nurturing And Why Do I Need It?

Posted by Kevin Jorgensen

Apr 2, 2012 9:42:00 AM

lead nurturing helps prospects discover your valueAre you generating leads with your inbound marketing or just a lot of buzz around the top of the funnel? For that matter, does your funnel look like a pipe where a prospect fills a form with a phone number and first name, drops right to your “hot lead list” and by the end of the day you’ve called them six times and left five voicemail messages? Or perhaps your funnel is more like a game of marco polo where the prospect wanders around feeling their way through the dark, hoping to discover your value. Lead nurturing is the way inbound marketers keep the funnel from looking like a pipe and also prevent prospects from becoming lost in a maze of offers.

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