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Interactive web marketing tools that help you engage visitors

by Shade Wilson on

As marketers we are always on the look out for good web marketing tools that we can use to engage our visitors. As the principal at Scalability Project, a digital inbound marketing agency, I've always been a believer that variety is our strongest tool.

How-To Guide, Check Lists, plus others are all great for delivering quality content our prospects want. The challenge I always had was the delivery of this content. For the most part it was by the same, flat PowerPoint PDF files.

The alternative was to go for Flash, or maybe YouTube hosted Video as one of our web marketing tools. Flash has its challenges, and while I love video on a site, if you’re trying to frequently create new content it can become cost and time prohibitive.

Prezi, one the alternative web marketing tools you should look at

About 18 months ago a colleague introduced me to a superior interactive platform. A "Prezi" can be used as a presentation like PowerPoint, embedded in your site like a Flash file, and even used for small group web meetings.

Available at, the platform lets you create a file where your visitors can click and view an interactive presentation with motion, sound, images and even video. You can also use it for a guided presentation either in-person or over the web.

The creative possibilities are enormous however you don’t need to be a technical genius to build a Prezi. If all you want are simple slides, you can quickly import a standard PowerPoint presentation then add motion and a presentation path. offers both free and paid versions, with the major differences being allowed storage sizes, branding, and portability.

One of my favorite features that we frequently use in our agency is the ability to download the full file to an iPad. We can then present using the tablet at one of our client or prospect meetings.

Below is a link to an example of one of our capability presentations just so you can see a sample of how the platform can be used. 

To View a full example
from our site, Click Below

Interactive Prezi - 5 Disciplines of Inbound Marketing

There are even more examples on the website.

If you haven’t looked into Prezi as one of your web marketing tools, I encourage you to check them out. I was happy when we switched. 

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