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My top 10 Hubspot App Add-ons from the App Marketplace

by Nick Salvatoriello on

Looking for what some favorite Hubspot apps are for Hubspot Consultants and why?  If you're thinking of grabbing a few for either your own Hubspot or for installing on one of your client's portals, here's my roster of top apps from the App Marketplace for you to consider installing:
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So many add-ons to choose from, so little time!!

1.)  To-Do List App.  Simple, light project management that integrates with the Hubspot Dashboard.  Assign marketing tasks to other Hubspot users and it automatically send them an email with all incomplete tasks every monday!

2.)  Benchmarks.  If you haven't installed this app yet, shame on you! ;)  This is your ultimate goal setting app where you can compare your current performance + goals to the rest of the Hubspot user-base.  You can also set up activity metrics to hit in order to meet your monthly goals for traffic, leads and customers.  Everything in this tool is exportable to Excel so it actually makes for a great sales tool as well.

3.)  Webinars App.  Say goodbye to visitors having to fill out multiple forms to become a lead + register for the webinar and/or having to do the export/import dance from Webex/GoToWebinar.  It's all managed within this 1 app.

4.)  Salesforce CRM-Hubspot Connector.  Our flagship CRM integration.  Arm your sales team with lead intelligence to close more deals faster!

5.)  Facebook Welcome app.  Hubspot is the only complete marketing platform to offer this type of add-on, which will allow you to post a Hubspot form/landing page onto a tab on your facebook business page and convert fans from facebook into leads without them having to visit your site!

6.)  Zerys for Agencies.  It just got a total facelift, feature upgrade to be your one stop shop for sourcing great copywriters for your business/your clients.  Voted App of the year last year!
7.)  Kill Writers Block.  As simple as it is effective, consider this app your free "blog post title template generator."  Brian Halligan once said if he had 2 hours to work on a blog post, he'd spend the first hour working on the title.  Good title format = lots of click throughs to the post.  Poorly formated/worded title = poor click throughs, no matter how awesome your actual articles are.

8.)  Inbound Call Tracking by Ring Revenue.  Most small businesses who are fairly new to inbound marketing will still be getting most of their hot leads from phone calls when they start working for you.  Sign up for this service and be able to track all those phone leads via Hubspot as well!

9.)  Gmail to Hubspot.  A super sweet app that pulls up all your gmail contacts and allows you to check off when ones to instantly import into Hubspot.  Have a customer who runs on google apps?  Install this little beauty and have your clients start putting those top contacts right into Hubspot to track and nurture with content!  Instant conversion of everybody's favorite rolodex in just seconds.  It runs pretty smooth too, just for a free add-on.

10.)  Blog Exporter.  This app has been one of the single most effective ways that I've helped drive adoption + migration of the Hubspot blog.  It will convert most external blog posts into an XML file, preserving time stamps, post others, and 301 redirects.  It won't turn it into a simple 2-click migration, but it will save you a TON of time/headache moving those posts over manually.  An absolute MUST for your Hubspot adoption arsenal.


Your TurnDo you have a favorite app from the Hubspot App Marketplace that didn't make the list?  Please share what it is and why it's a favorite in the comment thread below!  

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