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Dan Alderidge puts passion into his book review on i-App's ERP Blog

by Nick Salvatoriello on

When to keep it real with business blogging:

Some of my customers have been asking me recently, "What percentage of our blog posts should be about our company and ourselves personally?"  While there are no hard and fast rules on how many blog posts per month should be about the experiences and backgrounds of your staff personally, there are some great examples from fellow Hubspotters who have found a way to blend personal passions with their business blog:

Dan Alderidge of i-App reads a book that changes his life, his business and his blogging strategy:

i-App is an ERP software company that does implementations and consulting for manufacturing companies.  Dan and his colleagues at i-App recently joined "Team Nick Sal" for Hubspot consulting to learn how to better serve their current and future customers through inbound marketing.  They've been blogging at a furious pace ever since, answering the most popular questions on ERP software such as "Tips on How to Break the ERP Customization Habit" and "Buying ERP Software - 5 Tips to Get What You Pay For"

However, despite their success in publishing articles strictly around their industry, their most popular blog post so far happens to be the one that has less to do with ERP and more to do with communicating effectively.  The post was a passionate review of how Brenda Euland's book, So You Want to Write? and about how it changed Dan's life and his business. 

A break down of the blog post:

After concluding a thorough read, I found the post to be:

Well thought out - Solid points and ideas that built on each other and were backed with examples and references from his personal experience and from around the web.

Easy to read - Bullet points, numbering, images, and line spacing used throughout.

Funny - Dan keeps the tone light and conversational which helps put the reader at ease.

Action Oriented - Dan effectively shares his enthusiasm for the book and he ties its lessons into key quotes and take-aways for his readers to follow up on apply to their own situations.   

Link-Building - The effective use of links with anchor text throughout the post served to extend the conversation further and bring the reader to new places on the site and to other relevant domains on the web. 

For producing such remarkable content to help and inspire their audience, Dan and his inbound marketing team at i-App were my "heros" for the week and inspired me to record a video-break down of their great post.  See my video below for my screen-cast review:


Your turn to contribute:

What did you think of Dan's post?  What did you think of the screen-cast?  Have you posted any book reviews on your business blog that you would like to share?  Is there something from i-App's experience that you can apply to your company's blog publishing plans? 

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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