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How To Explode Your Inbound Marketing For $10 A Day

Posted by Justin Brooke

Sep 18, 2013 11:15:00 AM

confessionI have a dirty confession to make...

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An online, interactive "inbound experience" 100% powered by HubSpot [VAR lead-gen example]

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Feb 27, 2013 1:01:00 PM

This is a guest post written by Kevin Jorgensen, owner of Silver-Teir HubSpot Value-Added Reseller, Innovative Marketing Resources Inc., located in the greater Boston area.  Kevin has been a HubSpot Partner for over 2 years.  You can contact Kevin and his team via twitter:  @imrcorp
Hi. My name is Kevin Jorgensen and I’m a partner at Hubspot Certified Agency, Innovative Marketing Resources.  IMRCORP.COM

Why create a complete, online, interactive "inbound experience"?

The idea seemed simple enough. Rather than tell an unfamiliar prospect what inbound marketing was, let them experience it, right on the Innovative Marketing Resources website. But it wasn’t until
Hubspot 3.0 came out in the fall of 2012 that the tools to make the inbound marketing experience an online reality became possible.
Using workflows, the new email marketing tool and the new forms tool, Innovative Marketer Max Traylor, Creative Talent Beverly Jorgensen and HubSpot IMC Nick Salvatoriello set about creating an interactive experience.  The outcome was a set of website pages and marketing content that both showed people what inbound marketing is and gave new insight and analytics to Innovative Marketing Resources about how prospects react to inbound marketing tactics and precisely what aspect of inbound marketing a prospect wants to discuss when they self-qualify for a sales call.

Creating the "inbound experience" on the HubSpot platform:

The execution of the experience starts like this. Create a top of the funnel offer for an inbound marketing experience. Do it right… with a cool CTA.
But on the landing page, rather than pitch some piece of content about inbound marketing, we explain what just happened… the prospect visited the website, saw a call-to-action, clicked on it and now stands poised to share some personal information – on something called a form – in exchange for a valuable piece of content… the offer.
Go ahead, fill in the form… bam… an email goes out, but rather than simply providing a download link the email points out that you’ve just taken the first step in establishing a relationship with Innovative Marketing Resources…
and the process continues with lead nurturing and all the other best practices that define marketing, the inbound way.
But rather than tell you about it, check it out for yourself. There’s no risk, we’re not going to call you unless you ask us to… try the inbound marketing experience.
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Interview with a Hubspot VAR - James Heaton of the Tronvig Group, NYC

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Jul 12, 2012 5:09:00 PM

Nick Sal: Who are you, whats your role, where do you work?

James Heaton Hubspot VAR Portrait
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New Hubspot Consulting grad profiles: Versio2 and Innovar Collective

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Jun 14, 2012 12:00:00 PM

Okay everybody, it's Thursday and you know what they means at Hubspot:  It's the final day to show set up, utilization, and results from Hubspot for this week's set of graduates from my  Hubspot on-boarding & consulting program

New Hubspot VAR On Boarding Graduate   Innovar Collective resized 600
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