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HubSpot Reboot: A 5-Step Plan to ‘Unstick’ Your Inbound Marketing

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Sep 9, 2020 11:28:35 AM

If I've learned anything from the last 10 years in the industry, it's that everybody struggles with implementing inbound marketing at first. I say that not to discourage you, but the opposite. If you’re having trouble making HubSpot work for your business, you’re not alone! There is a whole world of fellow HubSpot users out there to learn from.

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How We Generated 200 New Leads in 2 Days

Posted by Cindy Kelly

Sep 27, 2013 8:57:00 AM

HubSpot Customer Generating Leads Example
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Polish Inbound Marketing Agency's HubSpot Success Story -

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Apr 23, 2013 6:04:00 PM

From the Editor:  This is a guest blog post I requested from my colleague Simon Binek of, they are a HubSpot Partner and an up and coming inbound marketing agency in Warsaw, Poland.  I worked with Simon 1:1 for several weeks as he and his team got started with the HubSpot Partnership and their inbound marketing software.  Find Simon on Twitter to continue the conversation:  @ForSzymon

Inbound vs. Outbound Click Ray International Partner Success Story resized 600
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Content Strategy Implementation – A Look Under the Hood

Posted by Max Traylor

Apr 3, 2013 11:00:00 AM

blueprint for inbound marketingInbound marketing is an exploding practice. Hundreds of HubSpot vars are popping up all over the world, which causes prospects to be a bit overwhelmed when it comes time to pick an agency to work with. One competitive advantage that no one will stop you from pursuing is transparency. By showing your clients what lies behind the scenes of an inbound marketing strategy you will surely stand out from the "smoke and mirrors" out there. You will also be shocked at how smoothly things run (financially and logistically) if everything is laid out in stone up front. No secrets people... let it all hang out. Below is one strategy, complete with all the educational resources required, to attract new opportunities and nurture them to a point of sale using content and HubSpot's automated marketing software.

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An online, interactive "inbound experience" 100% powered by HubSpot [VAR lead-gen example]

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Feb 27, 2013 1:01:00 PM

This is a guest post written by Kevin Jorgensen, owner of Silver-Teir HubSpot Value-Added Reseller, Innovative Marketing Resources Inc., located in the greater Boston area.  Kevin has been a HubSpot Partner for over 2 years.  You can contact Kevin and his team via twitter:  @imrcorp
Hi. My name is Kevin Jorgensen and I’m a partner at Hubspot Certified Agency, Innovative Marketing Resources.  IMRCORP.COM

Why create a complete, online, interactive "inbound experience"?

The idea seemed simple enough. Rather than tell an unfamiliar prospect what inbound marketing was, let them experience it, right on the Innovative Marketing Resources website. But it wasn’t until
Hubspot 3.0 came out in the fall of 2012 that the tools to make the inbound marketing experience an online reality became possible.
Using workflows, the new email marketing tool and the new forms tool, Innovative Marketer Max Traylor, Creative Talent Beverly Jorgensen and HubSpot IMC Nick Salvatoriello set about creating an interactive experience.  The outcome was a set of website pages and marketing content that both showed people what inbound marketing is and gave new insight and analytics to Innovative Marketing Resources about how prospects react to inbound marketing tactics and precisely what aspect of inbound marketing a prospect wants to discuss when they self-qualify for a sales call.

Creating the "inbound experience" on the HubSpot platform:

The execution of the experience starts like this. Create a top of the funnel offer for an inbound marketing experience. Do it right… with a cool CTA.
But on the landing page, rather than pitch some piece of content about inbound marketing, we explain what just happened… the prospect visited the website, saw a call-to-action, clicked on it and now stands poised to share some personal information – on something called a form – in exchange for a valuable piece of content… the offer.
Go ahead, fill in the form… bam… an email goes out, but rather than simply providing a download link the email points out that you’ve just taken the first step in establishing a relationship with Innovative Marketing Resources…
and the process continues with lead nurturing and all the other best practices that define marketing, the inbound way.
But rather than tell you about it, check it out for yourself. There’s no risk, we’re not going to call you unless you ask us to… try the inbound marketing experience.
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Preparing for your first HubSpot consulting call: 10 steps to cover

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Sep 12, 2012 4:45:00 PM

Welcome to HubSpot, partner!  Let's get ready to ROCK!

New HubSpot VAR Consulting Process 9 1 2012 resized 600
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7 Reasons To Embrace A Social Media Culture

Posted by Shaun Nestor

Apr 18, 2012 1:28:00 PM

As a business owner today, it is important to recognize and identify trends. Equally important is the ability to filter long-lasting trends verses a flash in the pan.

social media culture
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Now THIS is a good Weekly Internal Marketing Email Example [Hubspot]

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Mar 27, 2012 11:31:00 AM

For many of the people reading this blog post, it will come as no surprise that Hubspot's internal marketing team continues to blaze the trail on best practices for inbound marketing and how to keep a well oiled marketing machine going strong.

However, I was greatly pleased to see in my inbox this morning an email titled "This Week in Marketing" that was distributed to all of HubSpot internally. 

This email goes out to the HubSpot sales team every Monday.  They decided to expand it to the rest of the company (and smart move on their part-now they got a blog post about it!  ;) Anyways, the goal of this email is to give all of us who speak to people daily about Hubspot/inbound marketing news and updates on the latest resources that our sales & customer services team can leverage to drive deals further down the funnel. 

If you love it, feel free to reach out to Magdalena Georgieva mgeorgieva [at] hubspot [dot] com for futher questions/ideas on this email beyond what I cover below....

Screenshot of the first part of the internal marketing email I recieved from Hubspot's Marketing Department:

Weekly Marketing Email Update Example Pic 1 [HubSpot]

Breaking down the first part of the weekly internal marketing email update from Hubspot:

First of all, the email looks fantastic.  Primarily it's because I know that it was created on Hubspot's newest email marketing platform currently available in Beta to the Hubspot customer base.

It's personalized.  It comes from Maggie in our marketing department (a real person whom I know well) and it's sent directly to me and not part of a list serve/BCC list or something boot-leg like that.  Love that.  It's also addressing me by my first name (and my "nick" name at that!) in the opening of the email. 

It talks about my goals/the goals of our sales team right away.  This ensures that the message and its contents aren't just serving another department's needs, but ultimately about helping me further my own.

It clearly explains what the resources are and provides soundbytes for the sales team to use on the phone when promoting the content to prospects and following up on the content with hot leads who download it.  Both promotion and good follow up on content are equally important skills for your sales team to be practicing in inbound marketing- your sales team should be promoting lead-gen content to people they are calling - more downloads means more engagement and a stronger relationship with your leads).

Screenshot of the 2nd portion of the new "This Week in Marketing" email from Hubspot's Marketing Department:

Weekly Internal Marketing Update Email Example Pic 2 [Hubspot] resized 600Breaking down the second part of the weekly internal marketing email:

Notice at this point that our marketing department is offering and promoting and variety of content for our marketing efforts in this email.  It becomes very obvious to me that our marketing department is engaging on all fronts - both online and off - to achive our sales and marketing goals. 

Maggie has listed the content by format to make the variety of content easy to sort through.  So far we're not only seeing EBooks & Webinars listed in the email but also live events where the marketing department has learned that follow Hubspot throught leaders will be making appearances. 

Sharing a weekly run down of live events being put on by our staff allows the sales team to match leads up with events happening in their area and to drive their prospects to meet our staff in person.  This is a win win because the marketing department gets more event attendees and the sales staff can leverage the live appearance to strengthen the connection between their lead and the HubSpot team - without putting in a lot of extra work to coordinate.

Screenshot of the final portion of HubSpot's weekly internal email from the marketing department:  "This Week in Marketing"

Weekly Internal Marketing Update Email Example Pic 4 [Hubspot] resized 600

Breaking down the final portion of the internal update email:

The last section of the weekly marketing update email from Maggie & the HubSpot marketing department is highlighting key events that the sales & marketing department are collaborating on this week.  The center piece of content that the sales & marketing department are working closely on here are the group demos where multiple Hubspot prospects can join a pre-scheduled webinar and get a live demo of our product.  The sales department might already be aware of these dates, and some may not, the point is that the marketing email lists out the dates & times along with helpful soundbytes to keep these events top of mind for the rest of us and as easy and "fool-proof" as possible to promote to the people we communicate with every day.

I think that's the main reason I had to share this weekly internal email example today with you.  It's so simple, yet so powerful for marketing departments to be doing this kind of internal email marketing to foster more alignment with their peers on a weekly basis. 

3 reasons you should adopt this type of weekly internal communication for marketing:

  1. It lets me know that the marketing department is working hard to provide a variety of content to help us meet our shared goals for new business. 
  2. It lets me know that the marketing department cares about me and wants me to have an easy time promoting and sharing this quality content with others. 
  3. It also makes me very proud, and very motivated to do my part for our very active and organized inbound marketing machine we've got humming away over here!  I didn't even realize we had so many opportunities for our inbound leads/prospects to engage with us - all witin the following week!

Given all the reasons above, I had to share this email with you all to help inspire our collective efforts to get better and more effective with our email communication strategies to drive more adoption of inbound marketing among our sales staff and also more collaboration between the marketing department and the rest of your customer-facing team members so they can make the most of the content you develop week to week.


Your Turn:  What do you think of this weekly internal marketing department email example above?  Is it a best practice you could put in place at your firm/your client's organization?  What type of communication/collaboration strategies does your sales & marketing departments use to make the most of eachother's efforts?  Please share a bit with your fellow readers in the comments thread below....

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How I built a virtual inbound marketing team for HubSpot

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Jan 30, 2012 12:35:00 PM

This is a guest post by George A. White.  George is the Marketing Director for, a SAAS solution that empowers businesses to publish catalogs via apps for tablets and smartphones;, a diamond engagement ring e-commerce site; and several other websites. Over the past year George has used HubSpot tools with these two websites to develop a strong online presence, generate new leads, and obtain new customers. Feel free to introduce yourself to George:

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Now THIS is a good follow up / welcome email example | Wunderlist

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Nov 16, 2011 8:35:00 AM

I recently attended a team training session at work about time management strategies.  During the discussion, one of my fellow Inbound Marketing Consultants mentioned a new app for getting stuff done called Wunderlist created by 6Wunderkinder (they're a German start-up and yes, they blog). 

Wunderlist Post Sign Up Welcome Email Example Pt. 1 resized 600
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