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What's a "good" Landing Page Conversion Rate? Stats, benchmarks, resources

by Nick Salvatoriello on

HubSpot customers often asking me for average landing page conversion rate statistics.  "What's a good conversion rate for my industry?"   They hope we can point them to that magic number to shoot for.


My answer, may either excite or disapoint you, depending on your attitude:  Landing page conversion rates are highly subjective.   They depend on a range of factors that each inbound marketer controls themselves such as:

  • The visitors being sent to the page (Are there a lot? Are they repeat visitors?  What were they looking at before the page?  Do they match your target persona(s)?)  
  • The offer for the landing page itself
  • The form configuration:  (How many fields are there?  What types of fields are included i.e. what types of info are you requesting in exchange for the offer?  
  • How is the form configured to function? (Are you using Smart fields, progressive profiling, marked fields as required?  What does the 'submit' button copy say?)  
  • The copy used: (Headlines, descriptive text, formatting of the text, amount of text?)
  • The images on the page: (Size, quality, descriptiveness/attractiveness, positioning on the page) 


Shooting for "industry averages" can be dangerous.   However I do think that if a customer were following the landing page best practices we use most of the time here at HubSpot and that I teach in HubSpot Academy's Introduction to Landing Pages training class, they could expect to convert 20 percent of the non-PPC based traffic they drive to that page*.  

Could they convert more?   Certainly!   But that's a solid first base that most of the customers I train feel is attainable.

HubSpot does publish stats around this type of thing under our annual "State of Inbound Marketing" report and also in the benchmarks portion of the Goals app found in every portal under Settings. 


Screenshot of my HubSpot SMART Goals Setting App which can be found under 'Settings' 

But, all these things said, I would remind HubSpot users that there is no better benchmark than their own past performance of previously published landing pages.   So a better question might be, "What are some of the best practices from current HubSpot users (including ourselves) that can get our own average landing page conversion rate within our portal to 20%+?  We actually have an ebook that walks you through some of our top customer example landing pages and how they got greater than FIFTY PERCENT conversion rates....but you'll have to come to the Landing Page Training class (available within your portal under Academy >> HubSpot Training >> Converting Visitors to Leads >> Landing Pages to get it!  :)


Know what that means?   Get started publishing landing pages and get them out there using promotional tools in your account so we get some juicy performance data to learn from and determine next steps!  :)

I hope this helps - Do you have a different opinion or approach for when people ask for "average" landing page conversion rates? please let me know your thoughts below.

*Why do I say non-PPC?  Only because I have limited experience working with PPC advertising, and my returns on my own campaigns have not been that great.  If anybody reading this is a veteran with PPC, please feel free to contribute your two centers in the comments thread below.   

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